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Bike Bros. Cochrane, Alberta based bicycle shop. Serving Calgary, Canmore and Bragg Creek.

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Commuter Bikes & Flat Bar Road

Almost any bike can be used for commuting. If you're buying a bike specifically for commuting, however, you will probably after a bike that balances light weight, durability, a fairly broad range of gears and strong/long lasting brakes. We like flat-bar road bikes for this purpose and have chosen models that have disc brakes. Other popular commuter options (for cyclists who ride road bikes often so feel comfortable with that general setup) would be cyclocross and touring bikes.

Check our SALES BIKE page for more commuters

Dual Sport (Suspension fork Equipped Hybrids)

Dual Sport, Cross Trail, X-Road - all branded names for essentially the same thing - a hybrid. A bike taking some inspiration from a road bike and some from a mountain bike. So: if you're looking for a bike that is more comfortable and rugged than a road bike for knocking around roads, pathways and dirt pathways, yet lighter and faster than a mountain bike, this is your guy.

A broad range of quality, comfort levels and interpretations of this bike exist. Common features are: suspension fork, flat handlebars, a fit that has less reach between saddle and handlebars, tires that are about 1/2 the width of mountain bike tires but on a slightly larger diameter wheel. This category has become very popular over the last couple years with a common story of 1/2 time commuter, 1/2 time riding with family on paths that may turn into little sections of dirt or light-duty off-road trails. Both the Giant and Marin offer excellent value - consider and try both to get one that feels just right for you.

2017 Giant/Liv Rove 2 (Ladies)

Shimano 27 speed
Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Suspension fork with lockout


2017 Giant/Liv Rove 1 (Ladies)

Shimano Deore 30 speed
Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Suspension fork with lockout and composite seatpost for rider comfort


Giant Toughroad

In our opinion, this is an amazing option for commuting or touring if the combination of light weight, toughness and value are primary concerns. This bike is essentially a 29er mountain bike with a rigid fork and tires that are suited to shared road/gravel use.

2017 Giant Toughroad SLR 2

Aluxx SLR frame: Giant's highest grade of alloy used to achieve durability while maintaining light weight

Shimano Acera 27 speed - good enough to work well, affordable enough to replace parts as you kill them
Shimano Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Carbon fork for weight reduction and vibration damping


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Drop Bar City and Commuter bikes

These are actually Cyclocross and Touring bikes found on our road bikes page. There are so many people using these to commuter we figured we'd put them here too. I consider these bikes to be the hardcore cyclists choice for a commuter. As much a decision based on getting a sexy bike as it is getting a practical commuter. Who cares though... as long as you're riding.

Notice how many of these bikes are equipped with disc brakes... just that much nicer for crud-weather commuting.

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2017 Giant Anyroad 1

Alloy frame and carbon fork with carbon seatpost

TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes

Tiagra 20 speed with broad range of gears that are city & road appropriate

Secondary brake levers on "flats" of handlebars for easy access in city riding


2017 Giant Anyroad Comax

Comax carbon frame and fork

TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes

Shimano 105 22 speed with broad range of gears that are city & road appropriate

Secondary brake levers on "flats" of handlebars for easy access in city riding


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Comfort Bikes

This category of bikes serves 1 purpose. Make cycling enjoyable & fun for the casual cyclists - or is that 2 purposes?

2017 Marin Stinson Step-Thru

Comfortable and upright. 24 speed Shimano with EZ fire trigger shifters


2017 Marin Stinson Step-Thru

Comfortable and upright. 24 speed Shimano with EZ fire trigger shifters


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Fashionably Stylish Urban Bikes

There are a bunch of bikes we wish we could bring in but we just don't have endless amounts of space. So here are a few that we think are well done.

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Be Prepared

Just because you're riding within city limits doesn't mean you don't have to think ahead. For every twit who breaks a bottle, there is a good chance to get a flat tire. For every nice day, is another nice day that turns nasty - Quick! For every you, there are a thousand other cyclists.

The point of this isn't to philosophise, it is to remind you to be self sufficient. Carry a pump, tube, patch kit and little emergency repair kit. A windproof vest folds away to nothing but can be the difference between getting just a little chilly and freezing your but off. Lastly, remember a light and bell.

While we're speaking of bells and stuff. Many walkers and joggers don't like us cyclists - and in some cases they have good reason. We, as cyclists, must remember to be courteous and give pedestrians enough room that they aren't alarmed or threatened as you pass.

A last tid-bit. Obey the laws. Every one of us is an ambassador for cycling. While dumb-asses in their Ford Subdivisions can do what they want, we pay the penalty of injury, death and spoiling the image of cycling every time we break the law. Lets not give the vehicle drivers anything to bitch about!