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Bike Bros. Cochrane based Calgary Bike Shop with range of kids bikes, junior bikes, youth bikes

Bike Bros. | 128 River Ave., Cochrane, Alberta, Canada | phone:(403)932-7010

Keith - wise beyond his years

Keith is back. He was the old soul who asked questions about bikes way beyond what any 13 year old should ever ask. We brought him on as a young teenager and added a little training to a very natural mechanical aptitude. He left, got educated while working at a pretty big shop and is now back with tons more experience.


Tim came to Bike Bros following a number of years in a couple very big shops and many years on road and mountain bikes. His bike jumping skills ain't too shabby! His expertise is appreciated in both service and sales departments.


Nate is fast, obsessed by bikes and pretty darn dedicated to training. He is on the sales floor, assembling bikes and learning the trade. He is our in-house Cyclocross racer... because none of the rest of us are disciplined to train that hard.


Dan is a local celebrity. He was the best known, most loved Grocery clerk in town and a previous customer of Bike Bros. Knowing Dan had a love for bikes and was such a pleasure to deal with at the local grocery store I couldn't help but invite him to be a Bro. If anybody finds his stolen dirt-jumper, would they please return it to the shop so Dan can have bike fun again? Until then Dan is ripping around on a cyclocross bike doing after-work laps with the crew.


Ryan started here doing some promotional videos for us. We found him on the recommendation of a high-school teacher. We were so impressed by Ryan's positive attitude and absolute devotion to staying busy outdoors we hired him. He is fun to work with, rides surprisingly fast and has learned piles about bikes.

Andrea: Mrs. boss

This is my better half. Andrea is now a permanent fixture in the store. Working at a real "career" for twelve years, she finally caved to her yearning to be surrounded by immature men and especially me.

Graham (me)

I love to ride. I love the techy side of bikes. I love being surrounded by passionate riders who love the outdoors and the simple things in life. This fascination with 2-wheeled things and the sensation of rolling has been with me my entire life.


We know our shop got here on the efforts of previous staff so we like to thank them here...


Carson is a super talented rider and has developed into a very strong mechanic in his years in the shop. All those people who moan about the "new generation" not knowing how to work hard are wrong. Carson works hard here, at school and on his bike. He's one of our best local riders at the skatepark. If you're lucky, you will be getting your car fixed by Carson now as he is pursuing his auto-mechanic trade.


There are very few pictures of Damian as he doesn't like being on social media, online etc. This riding picture is all I have. Damian was a big part of the shop for a number of years. He is still a good friend and practicing the art of chasing mechanical perfection. Look for Damian on the trail, road, hiking or biking.

Michael Gibson, Mr. 29er

Many of you have had the pleasure of dealing with Mike over the years. We had great times. Mike is now living on Vancouver Island in the mountain biking town of Cumberland. It was sad that Mike left but boy are we excited to see what a life Mike and his family have happening now.


Andy was our New Zealand import. He gave the shop an international feel. Andy loves riding and cars. He was an amazing fit in the shop and rode his bike at every possible moment which was really inspiring. He is now in Vancouver helping to make the Giant Bicycles Vancouver store awesome.


Kyle came to us from Ontario. He was fantastic with customers and could be frightening to ride with. He was so strong and energetic he'd get himself in trouble and often ended up bleeding. We still get to visit with Kyle. He's working for a large sporting goods chain now...

Scott - always outside guy

Scott survived a mind numbing career of quality controlling computer software and entered the bike shop world to save his own sanity.


This picture sums up Sasha pretty well. A big smile. Not talking much. Just finished an epic adventure but thought nothing of it - in this case, he rode his bike to University; in Winnipeg; from Water Valley; in 10 days. Another quality guy on tools or when helping people.


We've known Darren for a while. I believe he switched forks on his bike in the parking lot shortly after we met him (when he was a young lad I don't think he liked us or was scared of us or something). Darren was part of the team for a few years. If this was Gilligan's Isle I think he'd be the professor with dreams of being both the professor and Thurston Howell III. Darren is an engineering student with long term goals of ruling the world. When not doing Calculus or working on bicycles Darren will almost certainly be found riding a bike or working on a VW.

Are YOU the next Bro?

Employment Opportunity in a bicycle shop

Yes, we're always looking for the next Bro. You need a passion for bikes, a knowledge of bike fixing and building and a burning desire to keep people off of crappy bikes. Every customer is potentially turned into someone who loves bicycles, or turned off of bikes because of snooty-bike-shop-guy service. Snoots ain't welcome here.

Bike Bros. History Lesson

Pre-Bike Bros... In the mid '80s, I was addicted to riding BMX and was sponsored by a Calgary Bike Shop to do freestyle shows. That naturally let to me getting a part-time job assembling bicycles for that shop.

Between that first bike shop job and starting Bike Bros., I worked in a few bike shops, worked for a bike manufacturer/distributor, farted around in Post-Secondary (Industrial Engineering Tech) and working in an engineering company. I always loved bikes. I swore I'd never own a bike shop because I had seen too many good people loose it all in the bike biz... Well, sometimes you can't help but follow your passion.

In 2003 the first version of Bike Bros opened in Calgary. The shop focused on offering quick, high quality bike service and repairs - much more of a service shop than trying to sell bikes. I worked way too many hours and made no money. So in 2006, it was time for change

The Bike Bros Story

My philosophy about small business is that any small business should have a story. If our story was, "a place that sells bikes", we'd be sure to fail.
Our story is this, Bike Bros is a bike shop focused on three things;

1. Offering exceptional personal service that leaves customers with that warm fuzzy feeling like they have just dealt with a friend who really cares.

2. Focusing on quality. For both assembly and repair we don't take shortcuts. If there is an extra step that can be taken to make something work better or last longer we just do it. In the world of business you have to choose, "do I want to offer the cheapest? or do I want to offer the best?" We focus on offering the best.

3. Researching and selecting top performing products and brands that last and represent good value.

Being located in Cochrane means we have access to virtually any brands or product lines we want. We aren't subject to the same industry politics that shops in larger cities have to put up with. Those city shops are limited in what they can sell because the different suppliers protect their brands so competing shops near each other don't end up with the same brands. So here we are, outside Calgary, we research what we sell and are very proud to sell what we sell.

We research what we sell. We sell products that have earned our trust. We avoid some high-profile brands that are actually substandard - even though their marketing would tell you otherwise.

Why Bike Bros?

We're Wonderful

This business is built on passion for and knowledge of bicycles and cycling. We're bike geeks - this is our calling in life. We eat, sleep, talk and ride bicycles. This gives us the ability, after finding out about you and your cycling desires, to match you with a bicycle that will put a smile on your face.

Boy, can we turn a wrench

Bicycles are delivered to the store in a box - needing assembly. How much difference can assembly make? Well even a bike worth $4000 can feel terrible without expert assembly. Like a $20 box of Lego - a bike can end up as a masterpiece or nothing at all - all depending on assembly.

We're Special

Lastly, there is that indescribable "something" about dealing with a small, owner operated business. Each dollar you spend says something about what you value. If you value performance, quality and service then Bike Bros. is for you.

We don't listen to Marketing guys

Apparently, if I were a marketing genius, I would try to turn my sentences around so you would see the word "you" more often than the word "I" or "we". That isn't exactly the case here is it? That is because I'm selfish and proud. "I" only want the best for my customers. "we" are the people who can make the difference between you buying a piece of crap or a happy making machine. "We" care less about marketing BS than about "your" bike. "you" are inteligent enough to see through fancy sentence structure. hah!.Oh, and while I'm babbling - to any english teachers out there - see, I can communicate effectively - that 67% you gave me in grade 12 english doesn't really matter now, does it!

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