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Bike Bros. Cochrane, Alberta based bicycle shop. Serving Calgary, Canmore and Bragg Creek.

Bike Bros. | 128 River Ave, Cochrane, Ab, Canada | phone:(403)932-7010


Preserving our sanity since 2007

A large part of Bike Bros. continued growth and popularity is our service department. The downside is this: Good bike mechanics don't grow on trees. Good bike mechanics who are a pleasure to deal with are as rare as polka-dotted diamonds. We don't hire to fill vacancies, we hire when we're presented with exceptionally talented people.

Why am I babbling about staff in the middle of the service page you ask. Well, we have a limited number of these awesome service people so we have a limit to the amount of service we can do. We book appointments so we don't need to rent a warehouse to store all the bikes that would be waiting for service if we didn't do appointments.

What We WON'T Service

We try to fix individual problems on most types of bikes. We avoid tune-ups on many department/big-box store bikes. These bikes are quite often limited in how well they can perform. Because we work towards a high-level operational goal for bikes that we tune, it just isn't a level of performance that is possible to achieve with very inexpensive components.

3 Maintenance Tips - things to look for... or at

Tire Pressure

Tires are the easiest maintenance item on a bike. Tires will lose pressure over time. If you haven't ridden your bike in a while - you will certainly have to add some air. Look on the side of your tires - there will be a recommended max. pressure and perhaps even a recommended pressure range. As a very general rule, for riding on paved roads run higher pressure, for offroad run lower pressure.

Kids always have problems with flat tires. Either they skid through tires or ride their bikes with underinflated tires and hit curbs or cracks and cause pinch flats. Check kids tires often!

Some okay rules of thumb:

Road Tires (700x23 or 700x25): 100psi (some road tires have a max pressure rating up to 160psi - this indicates what the tire can handle, not a pressure that you'd use... ever!

Mountain Tires: just below 30 psi for offroad, more if riding pavement

BMX race tires: close to max pressure but can vary significantly

BMX freestyle/street: 50psi up to max pressure

Commuter tires: 60 psi up to max

Chain cleaning & lube

Bike mechanics see it all the time. The chain with thick black grunge dripping off it. It makes us cringe. Every time you lube a chain you should first clean it. At very least, use a cloth and wipe off the old dirty oil. At most, use a chain cleaning device or remove the chain and use some sort of solvent to dissolve old oil. ****ONE NOTE**** If you're going to go all out and clean your chain, you either have to blow off the chain with compressed air or give it time for the solvent to evaporate. Reinstalling and relubing a chain that still has solvent inside the rollers defeats the purpose.

Derailleur Hangers

Most modern bikes with derailleurs have the rear derailleur mounted to a derailleur hanger. The hanger is a sacraficial part that can bend relatively easily if the rear derailleur is hit, leaned on, knocked etc. If your bikes have been piled in the back of a truck or if you have recently had a fall on your bike and now your rear shifting isn't working well - look at your rear derailleur from behind. If your derailleur's pullies aren't parallel to your rear wheel - get your bike into a shop sooner than later. You need you hanger aligned.

Bike Mechanic Services

Prices for labour only - parts extra

Labour Rate: $80/hour

Service Tune Minor - $89

This tune is suited to the recreational rider looking to do annual maintenance. Brakes, Gears, Wheels, Bearings are all looked at and you can have peace of mind knowing your bike is safe and functioning properly.

Service Tune Standard Mountain Bike - $129

Great option if bike needs drivetrain parts and/or cables replaced

This tune suits either a more serious rider or would be a great option every 2 or 3 years for the recreational rider. The labor portion of installing common wear items is included.

Service Tune Standard Road Bike - $139

Great option if you road bike needs drivetrain parts and/or cables replaced

This tune suits either a more serious rider or would be a great option every 2 or 3 years for the recreational rider. The labor portion of installing common wear items is included.

Service Tune Enthusiast - $199

You ride a lot. You need a tune and want your brakes to work better.

Mountain Pro Tune - $279

As Sram says, "there is a level where your equipment matches your dedication"... the same can be said for servicing your equipment. All the love and attention a bike could ask for...

In-house Suspension Service

  1. Fork Service Lowers (drop lowers, install seals, new fluid): $55
  2. Fork Service Advanced $99 (Inspect internal components, drop lowers, install seals, damper service where applicable, new fluid) *Seals extra
  3. Rear Shock DU Replacement $35 (+cost of DU)
  4. Rear Shock Air Sleeve replacement FOX: $40 (plus sleeve kit)
  5. Rear Shock Full Service ROCKSHOX: $99 (plus service kit)

Assembly, Boxing

  1. New Bike Assembly: $70
  2. Re-assemble boxed bike: $60
  3. Dis-assemble & Box bike for shipping: $70
  4. Custom build: $70/hr
  5. Bike Build Frame up: $180 and up.
  6. Frame Swap: $210 and up.


  1. Wheel build (standard 2,3,4 cross)(plus spokes, rim, hub, tape): $65/wheel $80/carbon wheel $100/UST wheel
  2. Wheel True: $20 (lateral), $30 (lateral & radial), $45 (lateral, radial, retension)
  3. Rim Tape Install/wheel: $5 (standard adhesive/not Stans)
  4. Repack Hub: $35 rear, $25 front
  5. Spoke Replace: Front $30 + spokes (up to 5 spokes), Rear $40 + spokes (up to 5 spokes) (Extra charges for tubeless)
  6. Repack Hub: Rear $35, Front $25
  7. Sealed Hub service: replace front bearings $25 plus bearings, replace rear bearings $45 plus bearings (some hubs like Chris King have extra charges)
  8. Hub bearing adjustment: front or non drive side rear $12
  9. Hub bearing adjustment: rear on driveside $25


  1. Tire/Tube replacement: $10 (wheel brought in), $15 (bike brought in)
  2. Tubeless Setup: $35 plus tape/sealant per wheel (UST or Stans Rim & tape)
  3. Stan's No Tubes tape $10/wheel

Chain, Cassette, Pedals & Cranks

  1. Install Chain: $14
  2. Install Cassette: $14 On or Off bike
  3. Chain Ring Install: $35 (Crank remove, ring installation)
  4. Remove, clean, reinstall chain: $18
  5. Install BB: $14
  6. Remove/Install Cranks/BB: $40
  7. Install Pedals: $10
  8. Face/Chase BB: $35 (frame Only) ($40 extra if cranks need remove/reinstall)
  9. Chase Cranks (pedal tap) ($12 per side)

Brakes (per wheel)

  1. Rim Brake Pad install: $25
  2. Rim brake adjustment: $20
  3. Disc Brake Pad install: $25
  4. Brake Cable install: $15
  5. Brake Bleed: $35
  6. Brake Line (Hydraulic) replace: $55
  7. Rim Brake install: $35
  8. Disc Brake install: $35
  9. Straighten Rotor: from $10
  10. Brake lever install (mechanical): $18
  11. EZfire Shifter/brake each: $30
  12. Shifter/brake (road STI each): $45 each + re-wrap charge
  13. Shipping Cost for Fork Service $50 including return shipping
  14. Shipping Cost for Shock Service $40 including return shipping

Derailleurs and Shifters

  1. Adjust Front or Rear: $20
  2. Hanger Alignment/Install: $25
  3. Cable Install: $15
  4. Derailleur Install: $35
  5. Shifter (mountain each): $35
  6. EZfire Shifter/brake each: $45
  7. Road Shifter/brake unit: $45 (bar wrap extra)

Fork, Headset

  1. Headset repack: $35
  2. Headset install: $35
  3. Stem install: $15
  4. Bar Install: MTB or BMX $18
  5. Bar Install Road: $85 Includes wrapping bars
  6. Fork install: $35
  7. Fork Install BMX: $25


  1. Grip Install: $10
  2. Saddle Install: $10
  3. Computer Install: $25 (simple wired) to $40 (wired with cadence)
  4. Pannier Rack Install: from $40
  5. Fender Install: $18 simple to $40 full wrap
  6. Suspension set-up: $15
  7. Bike Sizing Road: $70/hr (45 minutes is typical for very basic fit)
  8. Peg Install/Remove: $10
  9. Bike Wash: $25
***Note, internal cable & brake-line routing will affect pricing on applicable jobs