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Bike Bros. Cochrane, Alberta based bicycle shop. Serving Calgary, Canmore and Bragg Creek.

Bike Bros. | 128 River Ave, Cochrane, Ab, Canada | phone:(403)932-7010

Our Brands

We are proud to offer the following bicycle brands.

If you care how you spend your money, no brand combines quality and value like Giant, the world's largest bicycle manufacturer

We quite literally moved our shop from Calgary to Cochrane to be in a territory we could sell Giant. The bikes are that good. The value is that good.

Knolly bikes available at Bike Bros.

Since 2002, Knolly has been building a cult following of riders who appreciate a different approach to a great riding bike. Born on Canada's BC Coast, Knolly is a true hard-core's brand.

There is something special about the way a Marin bike rides.

Marin is one of those brands you become a fan of once you've ridden one. They have a knack of making bikes that ride so well... and stretch your hard-earned-dollar too.

An iconic Canadian Mountain Bike Brand known to produce amazing hard-core mountain bikes

One of the most important brands in the evolution of mountain biking. Rocky Mountain Bikes is still kicking ass with some of the most sought after full suspension bikes offered.

Redline has been there since the start of BMX. Their race BMX bikes are probably the best value race bikes on the market.

Redline was the first bike brand I was introduced to as a kid falling in love with BMX. They were the raddest. They're still here and their BMX bikes are awesome.

You like us... you actually like us!

Seriously. Read the reviews. People actually like dealing with Bike Bros. It's because we love bikes, love helping people and we sell good quality stuff.

Top 10 reasons to shop at Bike Bros.

  1. Selection: 400+ top quality bikes to choose from
  2. Knowledge: we know our stuff - more than 50 years bike industry experience between the staff
  3. Happiness: the way you'll feel after someone actually treats you like a valued customer
  4. Drive: a nice short drive on the highway is better than battling city traffic
  5. Parking: Cochrane is NOT the most annoying or expensive city to park - free parking at our front door!
  6. Ice Cream: you deserve some Mackay's Ice Cream
  7. Because: buyer's remorse sucks - usually a sad side-effect of buying a bad product from an idiot sales-guy (NOT shopping at Bike Bros.)
  8. Size: keep the myth alive that size doesn't matter. Bike Bros is big enough to offer great selection and small enough to keep it personal.
  9. This: website.

The Bike Bros Name

Naming a business is tough. Naming a business that represents your life's passion, business hopes & dreams and the relationships developed through that passion is almost impossible.

For years my life was dominated by bike contests, shows and road trips. One thing stood true - no matter where I found myself, other cyclists were warm, generous and friendly - like a brotherhood.

We like to continue that tradition within the shop so Bike Bros is the name.

Our Mission Statement

Our goal is to help people discover or continue the enjoyment of cycling - be it a pastime or an obsession, we want to make cycling the best experience possible.

A Different kind of website

You may notice that our website is different. This is a reflection of Bike Bros, the people at Bike Bros and the shop philosophy. It isn't just about emptying your wallet in exchange for a new bicycle. That is great fun for us but it can't be just about that.

For us, having a shop means providing information & news, keeping up with techy stuff and trying to weed out the junk, and either keeping you stoked on riding or helping you discover riding. We are your Bike Brothers, man! (sound it out in a hippy tone - it sounds good).

So remember, next time you have a fat wallet and want a bike, we're here for you. OR if you want to talk bikes, find out about trails, watch a video or listen to endless rambling about what works well on bikes - we're here for you too.

We ride bikes

lots of last years bikes.

Sale Bikes

Road, mountain and city bikes on Sale

go here for mountain bikes

Mountain Bikes

Full Suspension, Hardtails and Fatbikes. Big selection of rad bikes!

take a looky here for road bikes

Road, Gravel, CX Bikes

Drop Handlebar bikes from Giant and Marin

Ride the paths & streets in style and comfort

Electric and Analog City bikes

Ride to work. Ride the Paths. Ride to the cafe.

childrens bicycles anyone

Children's & Junior Bikes

Quality bikes for little rippers and future little ripper.

check out our bmx page

BMX Bikes

BMX Race and Street/Park Bikes from top brands.

Bike Service

Tunes, wheel building, suspension work, parts installs. Many years experience means the job is done right.

Bike Bros is a great bicycle shop

Shop Info

The Best Bike Shop in Calgary, Alberta & Canada - is in Cochrane.

trainers from Giant and Kurt Kinetic.


Ride indoors all winter and crush your friends in the spring... I mean, to stay in shape...

we love our shop just like we love bikes.

E-mail Bike Bros.

Bike Bros.
128 River Ave.

Cochrane, Ab, Canada
T4C 2C2

Phone 403-932-7010

our shop hours are...

easy to find if you're coming from Calgary or outside Cochrane...

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MTBR logo and link to their website

voted one of the best bike shops in Canada

voted best bike shops in Canada

An observation

I like to look at other Bike Shop websites. Not just Calgary but all over - sometimes I'm inspired by ideas and sometimes I wonder if what I say sounds generic. One of the most common themes I read is, "we're here because we love bikes or cycling." I like to think we're the same. Maybe that isn't enough though. I believe this should be an obsession - more about, "loving that feeling of truely helping people discover all those things that make cycling such an amazing activity and lifestyle". That single statement, I believe, is the difference here.

Discover Bike Bros for yourself and experience something unusual in today's economy - a shop that truely cares.

we need to hire some great people to work in bicycle sales and bike mechanics

Be part of the Bike Bros family.

If you are interested in the bicycle retail business, take a look at this. Bike Bros has seen incredible growth since 2003. The lessons learned from being employed in the bike biz since the mid '80s, seeing huge successes and failures over that time helped us become who we are. We are fans of great bike shops, fans of enthusiastic bike entrepeneurs and extemely saddened when we see well-meaning people lose their savings and have families broken by failed businesses. Not a traditional franchise - more like an ongoing partnership to serve customers better and keep keen cyclists in the industry.

should YOU own a bike shop business?

Sick of reading yet?

November is a tough time of year for me. Trade shows are over and I have to look at just about every product on the market to make sure that Bike Bros will continue to offer "BEST BUYS". At the mega shops, they have the room to put, for example 8 different brands and models on the floor at every price point. Of those 8, 2 will be excellent buys, 3 will be OK buys and the remainder will basically offer crap value for the dollar. I don't have room in my life for bikes that are bad value and certainly don't have room in the store for these "dawgs". You want to be sure you don't end up with a dawg? This is a bike shop, not a pet store - no Dawgs here!

Something else, OK. In grade 9 I took a class called Propaganda. Ever since then I have been very wary of product marketing - simply put, I'm sceptical, I research the products we sell like crazy. At the end of the day, I want to feel proud of what we sell. If you're looking for someone to rebabble marketing hype - please shop elsewhere. If you're looking for a place that combines marketing skepticism, 25+ years of industry (yes, retail, manufacturing and distribution) experience, engineering education, and a truly better understanding of bike mechanics, fit, and function then Bike Bros is for you. Research your purchase, use us as a research tool, keep an open mind and you'll end up realizing our products are the best available and we follow it up with superior service.

Ok, now THIS is the last thing to say. Treat everyone you meet like they matter, treat the earth with some compassion, keep smiling and ride a bike.